Perhaps you’re looking for insight on a specific audience, product feature or marketing strategy. We ask thought-provoking, insightful questions then deliver actionable qualitative and quantitative research findings. Our expertise positions us well to incorporate the findings and interface directly with your marketing and communications’ teams as needed.

We also incorporate internal communications research during our engagement. Since employees are your greatest asset, making them your advocates is a good business decision. Our findings will clarify their beliefs, perceptions and activities so you can take action.


It is imperative to find the right polling partner, who is honest, authentic and timely. We’re known for our exemplary customer service, discretion and candor. Our value is working with the medium (telephone, mobile, online, in-person) that yields the most insightful results.

Our work spans local, regional and national campaigns. In particular, we shine at managing issues that hit the intersection of policy and business.

Public Affairs

Based on our extensive experience, we have worked on nearly every public policy issue facing companies, non-profit organizations, advocacy groups and foundations. Whether the assignment involves testing messages, obtaining data, changing legislature or identifying the hook that increases visibility, we take a customized approach to resolving your issues.

Rooted in a keen understanding of your individual situation, we know how to change opinions, sway attitudes and ignite people to take action. Our findings can be shared with internal executives, communications agencies and the media. Typical clients represent highly-regulated industries, consumer businesses and non-profit organizations.